Arriving in Guatemala

Buying a beautiful weaving by my new friend Sonia
Buying a beautiful weaving by my new friend Sonia
What a journey from the snows of Massachusetts to the warm days and cool nights of beautiful Lake Atitlan! Patricia and I arrived in Guatemala City on Wednesday and spent a few days in Antigua, sightseeing & practicing Spanish with her amazing teacher Hugo Arriola.

THIS is how you learn a language!!  We spent 4 hours a day wandering the streets of beautiful warm (the people and the weather) Antigua, visiting museums, buying textiles, changing money at the bank, breakfasting at wonderful local cafes– we even had a field trip to a macadamia farm. All the while Hugo gave a narrative–ALL in Spanish. It was delightful conversation, paused now and then for gentle correction & instruction.

Macadamia farm
Macadamia farm field trip
Early Sunday morning we boarded the shuttle for the 3 hour winding ride to Lake Atitlán–a place I had read about and seen photos in Spanish classes for so many years.  The first sight of it took my breath away, and continues to do so as I look at it out the door of my cabin (which faces east so I can watch the sunset from my bed!)

Next post: off to school!


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