Measuring Smiles

measuring smiles
measuring smiles
Arriving at CECAP Center Santa Cruz, Guatemala February 2, 2011

ancient young faces
perched on blue chairs
like colorful birds on a wire

8 sewing machines hum
measuring tape cravats
and scissors wait for instructions

do you measure a smile
like the length of a sleeve
shoulder to elbow, armpit to wrist?

do you measure pride
like a pant leg inseam
or the waistband for a skirt?

smiles measure from ear to ear
and pride, from head to toe
whether in inches or centimeters

tailor children for life
teach them a craft
then watch them grow

dock at Tsununa
dock at Tsununa
February 3: the dock at Tsununa – it is the only one there, the old one having been destroyed by storm. Everywhere I look, people are patient and take pride in small things like serving food to an amiga.

This is an adventure and a learning experience that will color the rest of my life – moving, exciting, challenging and very worthwhile. Come join us!!! If you haven’t noticed, colors are very important here. The Nutrition Center at Tzanjomel, high above Tsununa, is decorated.


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