Make a list of your favorite foods (or your character’s); now list your least favorite foods. Write beginning with something from the second list as though it were the best food in the world.

Write 25 minutes.  #prompt

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  1. Barbara A. Malone-Verduin says:

    My favorite foods are: pizza, potatoes, steak with red raspberry or Merlot wine, chicken and fish with white wine, all vegetables, all fruits, smoothies, ice cream, yogurt, peppermint patties, carrot cake, the list is endless.

    My least favorite foods are liver, lima beans, caviar, and anchovies.

    The restaurant ran out of my favorite foods. The only food available on the menu offered liver, lima beans, caviar, and anchovies, my least favorite foods. I was famished and gave into the rations. I told the waiter to surprise me. He brought me a smoothie with all of these “ingredients” included and blended well. That was the best smoothie I ever had. Although it was bitter at first, the after taste was pleasant, once I acquired the taste. It also gave me a lot of energy that I have not felt in a very long time. It was like Pop Eye, The Sailor Man downing a can of spinach to enhance his strength. I ordered a second smoothie to go. I called it the “CALL”, an acronym for Caviar, Anchovies, Lima Beans, and Liver. From now on, I will keep handy these ingredients on “CALL”, when I need a pick-me-up.
    The food that was my least favorite is now my most favorite and will always be on hand and on “CALL”.

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