You or your character stands before a mailbox. Open it.


write 25 minutes.

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  1. Barbara A. Malone-Verduin says:


    I checked the mailbox everyday for a month, waiting to hear from Patchwork Farm Press. Today, I opened the mailbox and I was

    flabbergasted to see a letter from Patchwork. I slowly fondled the letter, saying to myself, “This is it! This has to be it!

    The letter that will tell me that my writing has a promising career! The letter that will tell me, ‘Congratulations and Welcome to

    Patchwork Farm Press! We are delighted to have you on our writing team. We enjoyed reading the first part of your trilogy, There I

    Was…The Early Years!’ You have made us very curious about how the rest of the trilogy went and will go. We will offer you an

    advance of $100,000 to help you finish the first part, and you will receive another $100,000 after each book is complete. We expect

    BIG RETURN on your books. In addition, you will receive royalties, which will be determined at a later time, for each book sold.

    Furthermore, we expect you to continue writing on any topic you desire in the future. From there, we will discuss future earnings.

    Thank you for submitting to Patchwork Farm Press. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

    Very Sincerely,

    The Patchwork Farm Press Team’

    Now that’s a mailbox pipe dream!

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