Make a list of your favorite foods (or your character’s); now list your least favorite foods. Write beginning with something from the second list as though it were the best food in the world.

Write 25 minutes.  #prompt

The Writer

Thrilled to be interviewed by The Writer. I spoke with the lovely Meredith Quinn about my history leading retreats, what yoga contributes to our creative process and my upcoming retreat near Jackson Hole.



We timed the retreat to end just as the Jackson Hole Writers Conference begins.  I am pleased to say that I will be part of the conference and will be presenting a workshop!

An 8 Minute Write from Susan Collins


We wrote together in Culebra this year.  Here she is with Sophy Craze:

Sue Collins and Sophy Craze Culebra 2015 by Sue Collins



Cell phone set to buzz in 8 minutes. How much I’d like it to be the gentle ding of sweet Patricia’s bell but the sun is shining in London. I’m sitting on my balcony and can feel its heat on my face. So good. ‘Mouth up’ good. The 18 hour journey is behind me, fading nicely like the pain of childbirth. The warmth is transporting me back to that circle of new friends. People I didn’t expect to like. Why was that? My arrogance? My Englishness? Fear of exposure? Fear that words wouldn’t flow from my pen? But they did and all my negativity blew away on peerless skies and lapping waves. Home to my own bed. What a glorious luxury. Clean white sheets, favorite pillows and a broader mind. Some post to open – the tax man telling me I owe him. I don’t. My payment and his letter crossed so I’m filled with smugness. Huh! It’s my birthday! Texts from my gorgeous children. My grandchild is kicking, saying ‘Happy Birthday’ to its grandmother. Now the 8 minutes are up. Too soon. But I have to stop. Patricia rules.