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It is a rainy morning. Imagine the smells, colors, the feeling of the air. At the periphery of vision, surrounded by fog, something emerges.


Watch what happens, and write for 20 minutes.

A pair of shoes


Close your eyes and clear your mind. With your mind’s eye, see a pair of shoes. Notice everything you can about them, the style, the color, how worn they are. Do they belong to someone known to you or the character you are working with? Begin writing with some small image from the shoes, a picture, a feeling, a smell. Write from image to image until the writing begins to take over.  #prompt

Write 40 minutes.



Make a list of everything you associate with the color orange (e.g., an orange orange, an orange chicken). Now change the color to blue (a blue orange, a blue chicken, etc.) and write from one or two of the items on your list.  #prompt

20 minutes.


picture by Chris Fraser
picture by Chris Fraser

Name five places you or your character love best, and five you love least.

Begin with “This is not about…”.   #prompt

Write 25 minutes