Retreat to Culebra for a week of Creative Writing & Yoga April 9 – 16, 2016 led by Patricia Lee Lewis and Jane Mortifee

About our Retreats

Our retreats include people with a wide range of yoga and writing experience, from beginners to professionals. We are all enriched by the diversity. While we will offer a daily schedule of suggested activities, writing and yoga sessions are optional: your time is your own. The yoga is practiced each morning for 1 1/2 hours, before breakfast, on the shady harbor deck at Villa Boheme. Yoga is offered in a safe, supportive environment with a deep respect for every practitioner regardless of their level of experience. Modifications of poses will be offered to make the yoga accessible to every body. Special sessions for individuals can be arranged, if needed. The writing is done in structured groups for about 3 hours each morning, with additional sessions one afternoon and several evenings. You will have opportunity to write in an encouraging, confidential and inspiring setting, in response to exercises we suggest. You will be invited to share what you have just written, and to respond to the writing of others with what is fresh, what you like, what you remember. Patricia will meet with individual writers to discuss their manuscripts or issues relating to their writing life and offer workshops on the craft of writing. While Patricia and Jane will always be where the schedule calls them, for you all activities are optional, and the entire week should be considered free time. Pick and choose from organized activities to make your own schedule. Take as much time each day as you’d like to set off on your own or with others. Villa Boheme is sunny, sleepy and relaxing, so you can climb into a hammock on the patio and enjoy the view of Ensenada Bay. Participants can also take a swim, or rent a kayak for a paddle in the ocean. The snorkeling and scuba diving around Culebra are outstanding. Rent a bike or a golf cart and explore the island and its many beaches or walk to town to enjoy the local shops and restaurants. Local bodywork professional will be available by appointment at Villa Boheme. The retreat is designed and facilitated by Patricia Lee Lewis with Jane Mortifee.

Combining Yoga and Writing

The practice of yoga, the joining of body and mind, can open pathways into the feelings, memories, stories and images embedded in the tissues. Writing workshops during the retreat are designed to help you shift your awareness and write from those deeper levels of consciousness.

Through Hatha Yoga, we will get in touch with our kinesthetic sense of self. We will use special meditation techniques to slow the mind and create a sense of the sacred. No writing or yoga experience is required – only a sense of adventure.

Beginning and experienced writers will find a supportive, encouraging context in which to write from their deepest selves. We will write in response to exercises offered by Patricia Lee Lewis, MFA. In a small group, writers will be invited to read their work aloud, and the group will offer simple affirmations of what is done well and what stays in the memory.

About Culebra

Culebra is known as “Isla Chiquita” (small island) and “Ultima Virgen” (last virgin). Culebra was founded on October 27, 1880 by Cayetano Escudero. The first inhabitants of Culebra were the Tainos, a peaceful indigenous tribe that resided throughout the Caribbean. Legend has it that pirates also used Culebra as a hideout. The colonization of Culebra started in 1880. Spain conceded the island, along with Puerto Rico to the U.S. at the end of the Spanish-American war in 1898. Located 27 km (17 miles) east of Puerto Rico and 19 km (12 miles) west of Saint Thomas, its dimensions are about 11 km (7 miles) long and 5 km (3.5 miles) wide. Its total area including surrounding Cays is 7,000 acres. The capital is Dewey, where Villa Boheme is located. Dewey contains most of the archipelago’s 2000 inhabitants. Culebra’s per capita income is around $9,000 per year. Coral reefs around the island are considered some of the most spectacular of the entire Caribbean region. Beaches at Zona and Playa Flamenco are called ‘diamond dust’ beaches for the spectacular white sands. The leatherback turtles climb onto Playa Brava to lay their eggs in season. On February 27, 1909, a bird refuge was established on the island, making it one of the oldest refuges in the U.S. system. Since then much of the island and the surrounding 23 islets including Culebrita are protected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a nature preserve, making the islands one of only two nesting sites for giant sea turtles in the U.S. The Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, 600 ha, protects large colonies of sea birds (with approx. 85 species), particularly terns, red-billed tropic birds and boobies, and nesting sea turtles. The refuge is accessible by ferry or by plane from San Juan. The Mount Resaca Refuge insures the preservation of one of the few remaining large blocks of dry sub-tropical forest on Culebra.You can visit the surrounding cays by chatting up the local fishermen or by arranging dives through local operators.

Villa Boheme

Photo by Diana Gordon

Walking distance from the town of Dewey and fronting the water, our retreat site is situated perfectly for both convenience and privacy. The large, private veranda overlooks a scenic harbor where you can enjoy a refreshing breeze while relaxing in a hammock and idly watching the busy coming and going of small boats.

Accommodations: Each bedroom is carefully appointed and fully equipped with air conditioning and an en suite bathroom/shower. Some single rooms are available on a first to register, first to receive, basis. Double rooms are large, have kitchenettes and balconies.

Villa Boheme’s spacious veranda offers a beautiful view of the still unspoiled Ensenada Honda bay. Here we will enjoy, all to ourselves, 200 feet of boardwalk and waterfront hammocks.The patio area includes a fully equipped community kitchen and two full bathrooms for convenient beach clean up.

Meals: We will have breakfast together at Villa Boheme. For lunch and dinner, you can sample a wide variety of fine dining restaurants, casual beachfront cafes or snack shacks.  There is also a small market or two where you can buy and prepare your own food at the Villa Boheme kitchen.  You will enjoy the traditional food of Puerto Rico, plentiful vegetarian options and fresh fish around the island.

If you have special dietary needs, you might bring some of those foods with you.  They may not be as available on the island as they are here.

About the Staff

Patricia over Cape Town 2014 copy


Patricia Lee Lewis lives and works at Patchwork Farm Retreat in western Massachusetts. She shares the world with trees and stones, chickadees, writers and bears, and leads weekend writing retreats and weekly workshops in her mountain cottage at Patchwork Farm, throughout the United States, and yoga and writing retreats at sacred sites around the world – Guatemala, Mexico, Africa, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Spain, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica.

Jane Mortifee


Jane Mortifee has completed the 500 hour RYT certification. Her approach to teaching is to make yoga safe and accessible for practitioners of all levels. She has studied various forms of meditation, focusing on Tibetan Buddhism for the last 17 years. Yoga is a constant companion.


More about our staff here.


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