As we have faced in our various ways the Corona Virus Pandemic, it has been a period of death, illness, isolation and brokenness for many of us on this planet. And yet, how many times have we shed tears of relief and gratitude to hear orchestras and choirs of voices and instruments played in living rooms and bathrooms and balconies in a multitude of countries raised and ringing with the joy of joining together?  And how many times has the courageous work of one person in service to another stood for the millions of acts of love and compassion this pandemic has demanded? As Robert Emmons wrote, “Faced with demoralization, gratitude has the power to energize. Faced with brokenness, gratitude has the power to heal. Faced with desperation, gratitude has the power to hope.”  

Since September 2020, I’ve been in my new home in downtown Northampton in Old School Commons where my children went to school ‘lo those many years ago. I’ve named it “Little Patch,” and, of course, you can still contact me via email or using our contact form. 

As many of you know, who have kindly persisted in asking me to resume writing workshops and retreats on Zoom, I have started to do so slowly and in a small group way. Because of the pandemic, we haven’t begun offering in-person retreats, but I will continue to experiment with some of you to find what meets our needs as writers in community.  Stay tuned!

And meanwhile, I hope to hear what’s up for you right now—your daily life, your writing, your ups and downs, and news of any of the myriad ways we are connected.