3-day Creative Writing Retreat

in the Berkshires, November 30 – December 2, 2018.   Join us for a special weekend of creative writing as Patricia Lee Lewis and Tzivia Gover offer “Dreaming on the Page.”

Dreaming on the Page

Patchwork is pleased to offer Dreaming on the Page with Tzivia Gover, the director of the Institute for Dream Studies and the author of Joy in Every Moment: Mindful Exercises for Waking to the Wonders of Ordinary Life.

Patricia and Tzivia have written together for years and their approaches to writing are similar. This collaboration will go a step further to incorporate the role of the unconscious in your work and, at our retreat, you will see how doing so can create a deeper well to draw from.

As part of the retreat, Tzivia will offer a workshop to help us call up unconscious wisdom and creativity through interacting with our dreams and “active imagination.” She will offer tips on how to use our “night brain chemistry” to help incubate ideas and wake with inspiration, whether dreams are recalled or not. 

Drawing from mindfulness, dreamwork, and writing, as she always has, Gover empowers people to live their best lives.  She says there’s no need to remember your dreams or even be especially interested in dreams, as dreaming can be interpreted in multiple ways. You will love working with her.


Shared room $600
Single room $700

Alumni pricing

Alum Shared room $575
Alum Single room $675

About Stump Sprouts



We will have exclusive use of Stump Sprouts, a rustic, multi-season resort and retreat center situated in rural northwest Massachusetts. The center of the resort is a hand-crafted guest lodge, converted dairy barn, and 200 year old farmhouse. Stump Sprouts offers many spring, summer, and fall activities on 450 acres of meadows and woods, including hiking and biking. There are also whitewater rafting, country villages, golf courses, and many other recreational facilities within a few minutes of driving.



StumpSprouts patio

The Stump Sprouts Chef prepares sumptuous mostly vegetarian cuisine using fresh, local produce whenever possible. Hearty soups, crisp green salads, home-made breads and fresh-baked deserts often compliment meals. Wheat- and dairy-free diets are accommodated.

Single rooms are available.

What Our Writers Say …

Thank you for an absolutely incredible retreat.  I hope I’m not overstating the case, but somehow it made me re-think my writing activities and gave me a giant push to expand them in new directions.  The entire weekend was a wonderful re-set.   Ellice G., Westhampton, MA

This was my first writing retreat and it was very challenging and scary for me. I can’t imagine having done this with anyone but Patricia, et al., nor can I imagine a more talented, fun, supportive and interesting group of people to do it with. Lisa F., Salem, MA

Find your writing soul in a group of accepting, caring people. JoAnn C., Springfield, MA

When I leave I leave wanting more – more voices, writing, sharing, teaching, and inspiring me to write with the depth and to find my own truth whatever color, shade or tone. Patricia, you are extraordinary in so many ways. Jane K., Wayland, MA

The openness, friendliness and encouragement have been an inspiration to me. The absence of ego added to a wonderful weekend experience. Felicity C., Austin, TX

Stump Sprouts was a coming-out event for me. I stopped writing for years, and I really thought it was gone. The safety of the retreat, and Patricia’s inspired coaching enabled me to find the courage to put pen to paper. Judith H., Hainesport, NJ

I felt renewed and invigorated. So many wonderful, very real people. Valerie F., Wellesley, MA

This retreat was for me a perfect combination of healthy living and community. I learned so much about writing just by listening to the work and the wise, inspiring teaching and leadership. I love the method and the results. Meg H., Andover, MA


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