I have led writing retreats and workshops at Patchwork Farm, in the Berkshires and Texas, and internationally for 30 years, including in Guatemala, Costa Rico, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Spain, Zimbabwe and New Zealand. (SEE GALLERY FOR PHOTOS)

As many of you know, who have kindly persisted in asking me to resume writing workshops and retreats on Zoom, I have started to do so slowly and in a small group way. Because of the pandemic, we haven’t begun offering in-person retreats, but I will continue to experiment with some of you to find what meets our needs as writers in community.  

In February 2021, I offered on-line a 10-week “Winter Cave for Writers” to thirty participants in three groups, and we had a wonderful time. The Cave is designed for writers who need a defined time to make progress on a project, in community with other writers. It is not, as has been customary, for those who want feedback on their work. 

April and May 2021 will find us in our Spring Cave for Writers (already Sold Out!). And we’ll see what is possible to offer in the future.

And meanwhile, I hope to hear what’s up for you right now—your daily life, your writing, your ups and downs, and news of any of the myriad ways we are connected.